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FAQ Laser Photo Facial


Laser Photo facial rejuvenation

Photo Facial refers to the non-invasive laser light-based technology that treats sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, vascular imperfections, fine lines & rosacea. Wow!

Does it hurt?
No.  You will feel a slight, light touch as the laser moves gently over your face.  Some people describe it as a “tugging sensation”.  Your face will feel "tighter" for several days after treatment.  You will hear an occasional “pop” or crackle as the laser shines on skin a bit darker than the rest, creating a more even skin tone throughout.

What can I expect during the procedure?

Relax! The treatment will last less than 30 minutes, while you lie back.  Your eyes will be covered with protective shields.  Feel the light touch of the laser as it passes over your face and a slight, cooling breeze.  Afterward, we will give you a cool towel to refresh you. Expect your friends to notice!

Can I tan afterwards?
We ask you to avoid tanning or direct, prolonged sun exposure for several days.  The 1064-nm is infrared light does not injure the outer layers of the skin but can allow the Sun's ultraviolet rays to burn you. We will also ask that you avoid irritating skin products and use sun block for several days after your treatment if you are going to be out in the Sun.

How does the laser work?
Our Q-switched Nd-YAG laser, which is FDA approved, emits an incredibly fast laser pulse (3-6 billionths of a second!!) at the correct wave length which stimulates the collagen beneath the skin.  This makes it moister, more youthful and assists with the sloughing of old, dead cells.  You are young again!!!!..well…you look and feel refreshed….reborn…

What kind of changes will I see?
Because of exfoliation, expect to see lighter blemishes and reduction of fine
wrinkles.  Skin will look tighter, firmer and "pinker". Your complexion
will be brighter!

How many treatments does it take to see changes?
One treatment is noticeable.  We suggest you stay out of direct sunlight for a few days after the treatment, as you will feel a bit sunburned.  After several days, you may note an temporary increased dryness and “flaking off” of old skin cells.  A good facial skin cream will help with this.  You will look and feel so good that returning for another refresher will be on your list….

Why must I wait 4-6 weeks between visits?
This time frame allows new cells to be regenerated.

Will my insurance cover this procedure?
Insurance companies consider these treatments as cosmetic procedures.  They do not pay for elected procedures at this time.

How much does it cost?
Check our prices on the "What is it going to cost" page.

Do you offer package deals?
Yes, of course!




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