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FAQ Tattoo Removal

         Does this hurt?

    Most patients we have seen say it hurts about as much as getting it. Some  say less, a few say more. We ice prior to applying the laser to numb the skin and during the treatment.  This seems to be the best, quickest treatment with fewest side effects.

        How much does it cost?

       Please check out the prices under the "What is it going to cost"page 
        How many treatments does it take?
       8 or 9 for you…..not really…. It all depends on the type of ink, color 
       of the ink, your skin color, where on your body it is, depth of the ink
       injected, layers of ink, saturation, lymph flow, after-care, laser type, 
       settings, fluence and ….  In other words, it really varies.  We use an
       adapted Desai scale which has an 80% success of estimating the
       number of visits to within a range of 4. Averages seem to be in the   
       8-12 range.

    On your evaluation, we will estimate the number of visits,
    cost, and time required.

        Why must I wait 4 weeks between visits?

      After the ink is fractured, it must be absorbed into your body. 
      You will see  changes over the entire month as this happens.
      This also allows time for your skin to recover.  Your skin   
      may blister, peel, scab or flake, so it makes sense to wait until you
      are healed before we move on.     

   Will my insurance cover any part of the tattoo removal?

    No, we have not seen any insurance coverage for tattoo removal, toenail fungus treatment or facial rejuvenation. They are considered cosmetic procedures.                   

     What should I expect after the removal of my tattoo?
     Right after treatment, you will see a whitening called “laser 
     frosting”. This is temporary, lasting ½-1 hour.  
     Next, you will see some reddening around the tat and may see
     some blistering, particularly on certain colors. Over the next few
     days the tattoo remains covered to protect the skin. The skin can be
     dry and flake or scab. 

      Do Not Pick The Scabs! 
    This  is all normal.  After 1-2 weeks, the skin clears and you
     should  see a lighter, diminished tattoo. Your tattoo will continue
     to lighten over the next 4 weeks.
     Then we do it again!

        What if I only want to lighten my tat so I can get an 
       We can certainly do that for you.  

It is most important to understand that laser removal is all about fracturing the ink
which  disperses the various colors of your tattoo
beneath the skin. It is not about burning the
skin off in layers to get the desired effect.


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