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Nd:YAG Laser Facts

Tech-y Laser Notes

Lasers produce specified wavelengths of light
.  NEW ENGLAND LASER OPTIONS uses a Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser; more specifically, a “YTTRIUM ALUMINUM GARNET” (Y3AL5O12), which is a synthetic laser crystal.  YAG is a host medium with excellent properties for high-power lasers and Q-switched lasers that can emit at 1064nm and 532nm….stay with us….

Now. About the Q-switched part.  Our laser uses a technique called Q-switching.  This pulse produces the high peak powers absolutely necessary to shatter ink and the quick pulse needed to avoid scarring.  Q-switching involves using an electronically gated mirror (dichroic mirrors) and other components to allow light to escape the lasers optical cavity for only a fraction of a second. We are talking NANOSECONDS here…(billionths of a second)..faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a to leap tall buildings…..These incredibly fast pulses allow for a very powerful pulse to be emitted, sufficient to heat tattoo ink to several hundred degrees centigrade for this tiny fraction of a second!  We want to shatter your ink below the surface of your skin and create the least amount of damage to your beautiful epidermis as possible.

Tattoo ink has been historically difficult to shatter and past techniques have been unsuccessful with clean removal of the ink.  Only recent advances of laser technology have been able to produce sufficient FLUENCE (energy, power) and speed to remove dark and bright tattoos without the effects of scarring.

Without the use of Q-switching techniques, these peak powers cannot be generated to shatter tattoo ink.  We need to heat your skin very rapidly to avoid damage to your surrounding tissue or cause thermal damage.  The physics of lasers is all based on this:  as the targeted structure (tattoo ink, hair, etc) of a laser is heated, a certain temperature is reached within a certain timeframe and that target will shatter or be destroyed.  If that time frame is excessive, damage and scarring happens.

NELO uses
the Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser to avoid these complications.  These lasers are specifically designed for tattoo removal and the other treatments we offer.  Clinics offering hair removal use lasers with a much longer pulse width which would be ineffective for our treatments and cause tissue damage.

We could certainly go into the mono/poly crystalline forms, laser resonator info, the doping concentrations, quenching effects, thermal shock resistance parameters, but we will leave that all to your vivid imaginations. Trust us..we’ve got the right tool for you.





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